Celer Network (CELR) Partners With Wyre to Enable Direct Crypto Purchases


Celer Network (CELR), a second-layer scaling Ether platform that enables fast, easy and secure off-chain transactions for Ethereum, announced today that it has partnered with blockchain payments provider, Wyre.

According to the recent announcement, the new partnership will allow users to purchase and use crypto directly on Celer’s layer-2 mobile application, CelerX, which provides zero-gas-fee instant payments and fun real-time interactive skill-based games to users from 89 different countries.

“Lining all the pieces up, it’s hard to argue that gaming will not be one of the next channels to attract large audiences into cryptocurrencies,” said Michael Dunworth, Wyre CEO. “Celer has tunnel vision when it comes to adding value through technology, to an audience that is technology savvy, global, and heavily community driven. Supporting DAI directly into CelerX gives dapps all the opportunity to execute on their core competencies & avoid busy work reaching their TAM (total addressable market). eSports as a market is an exciting space, and as a gamer, I’m incredibly excited that we get to support moving the needle for it!”

Starting sometime in Q3 2019, CelerX users will be able to directly purchase cryptocurrencies to their layer-2 wallet addresses on the Celer Network. This replaces the need to use a layer-1 blockchain address, enabling instant ERC-20 token purchases for games and payments.

Celerx demo (Celer Network)

Mo Dong, the co-founder of Celer Network, added, “CelerX provides users with highly engaging skill-based eSport blockchain games. However, the ‘last-mile’ of crypto adoption is always fiat on/off ramps. To allow vast amounts of users to onboard blockchain applications, an easy and secure fiat bridge is essential for the entire ecosystem. We believe Wyre is exactly what we need. We applaud the Wyre team to go the extra mile to facilitate direct onboarding to layer-2 to enable new users to immediately enjoy fun games with crypto.”

Celer Network is currently up 1.5% on the day to $0.015375, giving the project that is set to launch its mainnet before the end of the month a $43.9 million market cap.

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