Call Of Duty WWII Review: Nazi Zombies Saves The Day


The highly anticipated addition to the Call of Duty franchise has arrived, and it leaves much to be desired. Call of Duty WWII is the latest cash grab by Activision and Sledgehammer, and boy were expectations set high with this one, given that this is the first Call of Duty game in years to not include jet packs.

The SludgeFeed team spent the weekend trying it out — mostly sitting in loading screens — and I’m here to deliver the good and bad news…

The Bad

Game Purchase

Okay, so I still don’t know exactly what we bought. There were three options to purchase:

  • Season Pass: $49.99 — apparently covers DLC throughout 2018 and an additional map at launch. Not sure why price lower.
  • Pre-Order: $59.99¬†— labeled as pre-order for some reason, even though we purchased on launch date.
  • Deluxe Edition: $100 — who cares.

Wait…what? We opted for the “Pre-Order” version given that the price tag was within the expected range.

Server Issues

I mean, come on. How are they not prepared for the server load that the launch would cause? We were able to play maybe 3 or 4 games the first night, that’s how bad its been. Name your favorite error code, there are plenty of them. We are partial to¬†Error Code 4128.

Oh, and the community is absolutely pissed:


This is hands down the worst part of the game. Forgoing a normal lobby menu, the developers decided to make an interactive lobby similar to the Destiny franchise. It’s super clunky and requires multiple extra steps to accomplish simple goals, like editing your load-out. This is all just so unnecessary and is likely the cause of the heavy server load that many experience when trying to game with their friends.

Call of Duty’s¬†intuitive menus and character customization were always strong-points for the franchise. The decision to innovate on their strengths has completely backfired, and the menu needs to be fixed or people will continue rage quitting before they even discover how clunky the gameplay is.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Server issues aside, the multiplayer has been a bit underwhelming thus far. While it’s great to play with our favorite guns from the past, like the MP40 and the¬†StG 44, the gameplay feels off. Whether it was the poorly designed maps (there are a few re-makes of old COD maps that are solid) or the absolutely awful matchmaking engine, we were on the verge of quitting after each match.

It honestly feels like the developers attempted to mimic Battlefield’s game engine in a lot of respects, resulting in a disjointed FPS experience that feels like neither CoD nor Battlefield.¬†They even made rage quitting difficult, as you have to click through multiple tabs on the start menu to reach the ‘quit game’ option.

The Good


Can’t find anything really bad to say about the campaign play. The scale is pretty big and has a great number of interactive cut scenes that gives the gameplay an extra layer. I haven’t finished the full campaign, so it’s difficult to speak to the story narrative.


Image result for cod zombies

Now, THIS is fun. Every time we play, it feels like we entered a time capsule back to the good old World At War and Black Ops I Zombie days. Truly the saving grace of the game, WWII Zombs offers every bit of fun you’d look for in a survival mode game type.

The vanilla map is called ‘The Final Reich’, a snowy European village with a dark underbelly. The undead onslaught is relentless and the map’s mission is really engaging (we haven’t completed all of the steps yet — almost!). Trying to solve puzzles while avoiding berserker zombies is a rush, you should try it.

Unfortunately, we anticipate some expensive DLC to continue enjoying all that this game mode has to offer. Hopefully, they fix some of the game’s issues before we have to shell out more money.

Final Take

Call of Duty: WWII has failed to meet our high expectations, the game is a mediocre return to form for the series, and is only saved by a fantastic ‘Zombies’ game mode and decent campaign.

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