Cloud9 and 100 Thieves Place Ads in a Local Newspaper for League of Legends Talent


In what can only be described as a head-scratcher, esports organizations Cloud9 and 100 Thieves have placed ads for League of Legends professionals in a local California newspaper.

First discovered by Reddit user u/TSickler, the advertisements were placed together, suggesting the two organizations worked together to create the listings or acted at the same time.

via Reddit

Seeing as it is highly improbable that any real talent would find its way to either organization through a newspaper listing, there are likely ulterior motives at play.

The leading hypothesis put forth by other Reddit users is that both organizations are using the listings for immigration purposes, as this would likely require a¬†“newspaper of general circulation.” Essentially, the listings will ‘prove’ that¬†there is no suitable U.S. candidate who can fulfill their job description, allowing for foreign pros to gain access to Green Cards or other immigration pathways.

That said, southern California does have a large population and a younger gamer could always stumble on a newspaper ad at their parents’ breakfast table — so, maybe we’re just overthinking things.

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