Brave Browser Teases Twitter Tipping With Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Brave / Twitter

Brave Software, the company behind the Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT), revealed last week that it is testing a new feature that would allow users to tip their favorite content creators directly on Twitter (TWTR) using BAT.

According to the brief announcement, Brave is testing the functionality with users of the Nightly desktop version of the browser that acts as the testing and development grounds.

The process of tipping looks to be very simple, as users simply send their tokens with a button that shows up on the Twitter UI. However, to receive funds, users need to be registered as creators in the Brave network.

Similar functionality was recently released by Tippin, an independent project developing a simple web custodial wallet to receive and manage Bitcoin (BTC) through the Lightning Network, which rolled out a Chrome extension for sending and receiving BTC tips directly on Twitter.

There is currently no indication as to if and when the BAT tipping functionality will be released for Brave’s various browsers. At present, Brave browser users can tip websites and other content creators through a built-in donation portal, so expanding the functionality to social networks would dramatically increase users’ ability to support creators.

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