Former ConsenSys Architect Named Executive Director of the ETC Cooperative

Bob Summerwill at the ADI Vancouver Blockchain Summit 2018 (MMH Blockchain Group / YouTube)

ETC Cooperative,¬†the group¬†responsible for¬†supporting the growth and development of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) protocol, has brought on former Ethereum and ConsenSys developer Bob Summerwill as the foundation’s new Executive Director.

According to the¬†announcement,¬†Summerwill will help facilitate the growth of Ethereum Classic’s community and technology. Part of this support will be work on ongoing ETC initiatives, including the upcoming PoA testnet (Kotti) and peaceBridge, a bridge to move between ETH and ETC networks.

This news comes several weeks after Ethereum Classic suffered a double-spend attack that resulted in roughly $1.1 million in stolen funds, although the attacker has reportedly returned $100,000 to cryptocurrency exchange

“I would like to heal the wounds of the past, and to help everyone get past this zero sum thinking. I would like the ETC community to be seen as it actually is, a strongly principled group of people who develop useful technology, rather than an ideologically driven group of zealots with no technical development,” said Summerwill in the announcement.

ETC is currently down 0.6% over the last 24 hours to $3.99, giving the altcoin a $430.1 million market cap and making it the 17th largest cryptocurrency.

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