BMW Signs Its First Esports Team Sponsorship With Cloud9

Cloud9’s PUBG team, NPL (Cloud9 / Twitter)

North American esports giant Cloud9 has entered into a sponsorship deal with BMW (BMWYY), marking the first esports team sponsorship for the auto giant.

According to the announcement, which was tweeted out on Friday, CEO Jack Etienne revealed that Cloud9 just concluded a series of commercial shoots with BMW.

While no further details of the sponsorship have been revealed, the news does come just days after Cloud9 inked a partnership with AT&T. The two groups are now working on a new Cloud9 digital video series called “The Nines,” which will cover the various rosters within the Cloud9 organization.

The BMW sponsorship is reminiscent of the one that German esports organization SK Gaming announced at the beginning of the year where it was revealed that Mercedes-Benz invested in the organization.

Add to that the fact that Kia is now a sponsor of the League of Legends European Championship, and it seems clear that major automotive brands are targeting esports as a way to appeal to a younger generation of consumers.

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