Blok.Party Raises $10 Million, Plans Ethereum Blockchain Version of ‘Settlers of Catan’


Blok.Party, the company behind the upcoming PlayTable game console, has reportedly closed a $10 million venture round led by crypto fund JRR Capital and other investors.

On top of the fundraising, Block.Party has come out with a major content partnership announcement, stating that it plans to adapt its own version of The Settlers of Catan, a popular multiplayer board game designed by Klaus Teuber and first published in 1995 where gamers assume the role of settlers to create colonies through resource acquisition and trading.

According to the announcement, the upcoming PlayTable device will leverage blockchain technology to recognize real-world objects, including game pieces and cards, which essentially creates a hybrid between tabletop and video gaming.

Through this platform, gamers will be able to play on a digital representation of the board while select physical pieces are incorporated in order to maintain “a very visceral experience ‚Ķ that a digital version can’t ever capture,” said¬†CEO Jimmy Chen.

The blockchain element, which leverages the Ethereum network, opens doors for unique collectibles, in addition to cross-device trading and storage.

The PlayTable version of settler Catan is currently being tested in a closed beta. Interested gamers can pre-order your PlayTable now for an early bird discount.

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