Blockchain-Based RPG ‘Neon District’ Releases Map Preview

via Neon District

Neon District, a blockchain-based, multiplayer cyberpunk RPG, has released a map preview for the very first time.

Neon District’s storyline allows gamers to take on the role of rebels, called Degens, which are in constant battle against The Mainspring, an autocratic and mechanical government is attempting to wipe out all previous signs of culture and independent thought.

The gameplay features third-person party battles, where characters, equipment and other in-game assets gain experience points over-time. These assets are represented by ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and are recorded on the Ethereum Network via the Loom DAppchain.

This system of unique units and items ultimately drives the game’s internal economy, as players can accrue real-world income by selling their items via a P2P marketplace. These items can be earned during gameplayer or crafted with other assets and base materials.

“As characters are leveled-up and equipped with new armor and weapons, their art evolves and changes — providing each character with its own distinct abilities, fighting style, and corresponding appearance,” describes the Loom Network (LOOM) team, who recently brought Neon District onto their blockchain platform.

These game features become even more enticing given the latest map preview, as the aesthetic appears to be a significant focus for Neon District. There is no set release date at this time, but the game’s website does show that Neon District’s development is 47% complete.

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