Blockchain Game Alliance Launches First Technical Working Group


The Blockchain Game Alliance, a coalition of gaming and blockchain companies set on bringing blockchain technology to the gaming industry, announced Friday that it has launched its first technical working group.

According to the announcement, the technical working group is designed to deliver valuable and actionable content, including recommendations, tutorials and thought leadership. Each member of the BGA can participate if they have relevant expertise.

With the first technical working group, the BGA plans to focus on Blockchain Bean Assets as a starting point to talk about metadata standardization.

“The Blockchain Bean Asset standard proposal provides a simple and secure way to share asset content where elements aren’t stored on the blockchain (e.g. images),” states the BGA. “It’s designed to be independent from how the data is stored and from the blockchain used.”

This is similar to the work being done by Mythical Games and others on dGoods, a new industry-wide initiative to help formalize the fast-growing global marketplace of digital items between creators, consumers and studios.

There are currently a number of big-name participants in the Blockchain Game Alliance, including Ubisoft, the French gaming giant responsible for major series like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. The full metadata standardization working group proposal can be read here.

More: Blockchain Game Alliance launches its first technical working group today, April 19th

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