Blockade Games Improves Neon District’s Presale Item Exclusivity

Neon District / Blockade Games

Over the last 3 weeks, Blockade Games’ has been conducting the presale for its upcoming blockchain RPG Neon District, offering early adopters the opportunity to pick-up exclusive Season One in-game items.

This week, Blockade announced a major change to the Season One Loadout schedule based on feedback from the community, namely: users want more exclusive assets and value out of the Season One Loadout items and they want to be able to trade them now.

Based on this input, there will an intermission this week to allow the team to focus on updating the sale format to account for these requests.

Moving forward, Loadout items will be considered First Edition assets, which indicates that owners received one of the first items to be minted. Additionally, all currently available and previously purchased items from the first 3 weeks of the Loadout will be categorized as First Edition, as long as they are obtained before November 23.

Character builder in Neon District (Blockade Games)

In addition to the switch to First Edition assets, Blockade Games will be adding item trading on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain starting on Friday.

“As long as everything works as planned, we’re opening up Season One assets to trading on Ethereum this Friday, November 22,” stated the team. “The transfer gateway is operational on Ethereum’s testnet, Rinkeby, and Loom’s testnet, Extdev, and we’re entering extensive testing right now. More details to come on this shortly.”

Neon District Death Knight
Death Knight in Neon District (Blockade Games)

Finally, starting on Saturday, Blockade Games is dropping the original Neon District characters that were developed between 2017 and 2018. These characters, including the Death Knight (shown above), will have Legendary rarety and will only be available through November 30.

Interested users can pick up Loadout items from weeks 1-3 here as well as add Neon District to their Steam Wishlist.
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