Black Ops 4 Update: Improved Blackout Looting and League Play Coming This Month

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Treyarch took to Reddit this week to share the details of the January updates to Black Ops 4, which will bring numerous improvements to the Blackout, Zombies and multiplayer game types, in addition to the long-awaited League Play.

According to the announcement, the following updates are set to drop at some time in the coming weeks:

  • Mastery Camos in Zombies and Blackout
  • Upcoming Features in Zombies
  • Improved Looting in Blackout on consoles
  • League Play in Ranked Multiplayer

The most significant addition to Black Ops 4 this month is undoubtedly League Play. As we previously reported, Call of Duty League Play, a numerical ranking system that is used alongside regular XP, has long been a staple in the Black Ops series. Starting with Black Ops 2, League Play has pitted competitive amateur players up against one another to earn Division badges, ranging from Iron to Master.

Treyarch notes that Black Ops 4 League Play is designed to emulate an esports schedule, where events will be “intense and frequent, but shorter in duration.” The company notes that these will generally span over weekends¬†or 3-day periods.

Between these events, Treyarch will be running “scrims,” which are unranked playlists using CWL rules so that players and teams can practice before competitions. League Ladders will be built around 50-player groupings and matchmaking will be skill-based.

In addition to League Play, the other notable updates are designed to improve the user interface of Blackout. For instance, players will be able to better loot bodies using a multi-row grid that allows for quicker item checking, a common pain point in the game.

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