BitTorrent Declares TRON Super Representative Candidacy After Acquisition

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The TRON Foundation announced Tuesday that it has officially closed the $120 million acquisition of software company BitTorrent, which developed a file sharing communications protocol based on a peer-to-peer network.

Shortly after the announcement, BitTorrent¬†declared its candidacy to become a TRON Super Representative, joining a growing list of organizations and notable individuals all striving to participate in the project’s governance.

Ultimately, 37 Super Representatives will be selected and as a reward for their governance efforts, each will receive 32 TRX per block created by the TRON public blockchain network. Given that the TRX block creation is 1 per second, each Super Representative will receive 2,764,800 TRX per day. TRX is currently worth $0.037 and holds a market cap of $2.49 billion, making it one of the highest valued coins in the world.

In the announcement, TRON shares why BitTorrent is an ideal candidate to join the ranks of the TRON Super Representatives.

BitTorrent is perhaps the most qualified super representative candidate as it runs an extensive infrastructure to support a massive worldwide user base, and its team is comprised of the most experienced in decentralized protocol technology.

TRON plans to continue building toward a decentralized internet that will facilitate the creation of decentralized applications. BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer technology,¬†which is referenced 8 times in¬†Tron‚Äôs whitepaper, will likely help TRON scale their own platform.

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