Bitski Launches User-Friendly Crypto Wallet SDK to Compete With MetaMask

Bitski, a hosted wallet SDK for apps using the blockchain, has officially opened its beta this week, enabling developers to begin integrating the single sign-on cryptocurrency wallets directly into their apps.

According to Bitski’s website, wallet users are able to access the same wallet from any browser or device, similar to MetaMask. Additionally, all Bitski private keys are stored on enterprise-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and hosted wallets can link directly to decentralized applications, blockchain games and more.

“We think there is a better way to provide users with secure wallets that are user friendly and accessible across any platform. In fact, we think that a better wallet experience will catalyze the next step function of mainstream adoption in the crypto space. This is why we built Bitski,” said Bitski CEO Donnie Dinch.

According to an accompanying report in TechCrunch, 10 projects, including 7 game developers, are lined up to pay a fee to integrate Bitski’s SDK.

“One of the great challenges for protocol teams and product companies in crypto¬†today¬†is the poor UX in dapps, specifically onboarding, transactions, and sign-in/password recovery,” added Dinch.

Bitski¬†previously raised $1.5 million in pre-seed capital from Steve Jang’s Kindred Ventures, Signia, Founders Fund, Village Global and Social Capital.

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