Bitcoin Twitter Rises in Solidarity After Craig Wright Threatens Hodlonaut

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Hodlonaut, a Bitcoin (BTC) community member perhaps best-known for starting the Lightning Network Trust Chain, has reportedly been slapped with the threat of a libel suit from self-styled Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright, the creator of Bitcoin SV (BSV), after he asserted that Wright was a “fraud” on Twitter.

The Letter ?

As highlighted by Bitcoin Magazine, Wright sent a letter to Hodlonaut on March 29, instructing him that Wright will sue him for libel in the UK unless he publicly retracts his statements and apologizes.

“We strongly suggest that you take legal advice upon the contents of this letter, which is written in compliance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Defamation applicable to the High Court of England and Wales,” begins the letter, according to Bitcoin Magazine.

The letter, which was delivered via Hodlonaut’s now-defunct Twitter account, goes on to detail all of the alleged transgressions made against Wright, including Hodlonaut’s attempts to get #CraigWrightIsAFraud trending and start a “Craig Wright is a fraud Week.” Wight’s attorneys suggest that there is no worse way Wright could have been abused or libeled, as hashtags encourage other people to participate.

According to Bitcoin Magazine, Wright’s attorneys were supposed to file for proceedings in the UK after Holdonaut failed to apologize by April 5, however, nothing has happened yet.

The Bounty ?

The likely reason for this became apparent after Bill Beatty, the editor in chief at Calvin Ayre-owned CoinGeek, published an article Thursday that reads like a press release for a bounty hunter periodical.

“Rest assured, @Hodlonaut and the other trolls are about to discover why ‘he who laughs last, laughs best.’ They’re in for an even greater shock when they realize that the bastardized Bitcoin variants they’ve championed can’t scale to meet the needs of a truly global financial platform, and thus they’ve expended all this vitriol for nothing,” reads the article.

It goes on to offer a $5,000 bounty in BSV from Wright for anyone who identifies Hodlonaut, who “seems to have hidden under his mother’s skirt,” based on his home country and the tattoos displayed in the few photos he has posted online.

The Response ✊

Since that time, the Bitcoin community has come to Hodlonaut’s defense, with many changing their profile pictures and names in support. Here are just a few of the many, many examples:

Additionally, at least one member of the community has offered his legal services to hodlonaut, pro-bono, should he actually get sued.

And finally, CZ has threatened to delist Bitcoin SV if Wright continues to make threats towards members of the community.

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