Bitcoin (BTC) Google Searches Fall to Pre-2017 Bull Run Levels


Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a major surge in price this year, following a bear market that lasted all of 2018.

While Bitcoin’s price is currently up around 150% from December 2018 lows, the current mainstream interest in the largest digital currency hasn’t recovered nearly as much.

According to data from Google Trends, search frequency currently stands at levels seen at the height of the 2018 bear market, as well as during the months prior to the now-famous 2017 bull run.

Global Bitcoin search trends on Google
via Google Trends

Google Trends utilizes numbers to represent search interests that are relative to the highest point on the chart (100) for the given time and region. As of last week, the global frequency of searches for Bitcoin dropped to a value of 10. As a point of reference, this value sat at a local high of 26 during the last week of June 2019, when Bitcoin began its run-up to the $14,000 region.

As the data shows, mainstream interest in Bitcoin and the digital currency market is not yet there. To push this search data higher, and bring on the likes of a 2017 altseason, Bitcoin will likely need to hit a new all-time high, pushing it above $20,000.

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