Bitcoin and ZClassic Co-Fork Announced: Anonymous Bitcoin “BTCA”


The next major bitcoin fork has been unveiled, and this time it comes in the form of a “co-fork” with privacy-oriented coin ZClassic. The new project, dubbed “Annonymous BTC,” or BTCA for short, will be designed as a full-privacy alternative to BTC.

The news, which first dropped on CNBC’s Crypto Trader¬†earlier today in an interview with a portion of the founding team, including¬†Jake Greenbaum¬†who said that they are building a project that incorporates the best features from across the crypto world while learning from the mistakes of previous Bitcoin forks.

According to a recent publication by Greenbaum,¬†the main features of BTCA will include “anonymity while transacting (using zkSNARKs technology), increased the speed of transactions (through increased block sizes), and the ability to stake coins through masternodes.” Greenbaum ultimately believes these three main features will work to create a new cryptocurrency in Bitcoin’s image while adding value through staking and anonymity¬†upgrades.

In the publication, Greenbaum continues to provide a timeline of the forking event, highlighting that the BTCA testnet will go live August 10 to allow for infrastructure testing before the official launch on September 9, 2018. The BTCA team is composed of the “core development team, founders, advisors, social media gurus, blockchain journalists, and even crypto compliance attorneys.” Notably, the core development team is led by of¬†Bushido Lab¬†and¬†Steven Nerayoff, who has worked on projects such as Ethereum, Lisk, tZERO, ZClassic, AION, is a major advisor to the project.

ZClassic Chart via CoinMarketCap

What this means is that anyone holding either Bitcoin or ZClassic on the date of the fork will receive 1:1 BTCA. This news drops following a great deal of speculation that another ZClassic fork was upcoming, which worked to drive the price of the coin higher in recent weeks following a massive crash when the core team began developing Bitcoin Private.

According to the official Twitter account, BTCA is not the official identifier, but instead a temporary name that will give way to a community-chosen alternative.

Watch the full interview here:

While the website ( is not yet live, you can keep up to date with Annonymous BTC through its social channels:

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