Binance CEO Unveils New ‘Dust to BNB’ Balance Sweeping Feature


Binance has rapidly become the most popular cryptocurrency exchange over the last 12 months, with a daily trading volume of nearly $3 billion. While Binance has provided a number of functionalities that have made for a seamless platform experience, many traders have expressed frustration over the inability to ‘sweep’ balance dust, or fractional coins that are leftover from trading activity. This dust can add up, leaving many with fractional balances across multiple coins.

As it turns out, the Binance team has listened to its users and today released a dust sweeping feature. The announcement was made directly by Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, in a slightly comedic Twitter post. The new feature, which is available directly on the user balance page, enables easy conversion of dust to Binance’s exchange coin (BNB).

While there has been no official blog announcement, the news is quickly spreading through the popular cryptocurrency subreddit, /r/CryptoCurrency. by EuW_MadWard

One Reddit user has already shared his experience with the new functionality: “Tested it on my personal account, and it worked like a charm! Feels good to see all those balances [go] to 0 finally.”

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