Bethesda’s Parent Company Hints at Future Mobile Game With Trademark

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ZeniMax Media, the parent company of¬†Fallout creator¬†Bethesda,¬†has filed a trademark for a new game called “Deathloop.”

As first discovered by GameSpot, the trademark application was filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office on December 26, 2018. Other than the Goods and Services description that calls it an online-enabled mobile game, there has been no information revealed about the game.


This isn’t the first foray into mobile gaming for Bethesda. In 2015, the company released Fallout Shelter, a mobile spin-off of the Fallout franchise that’s also available on consoles and PC platforms, where players own and manage their own Vault.

While it’s possible a game titled Deathloop is currently under development, it’s also possible that the company just wanted to lock the name down for future use. As GameSpot pointed out,¬†ZeniMax originally filed a trademark application¬†for Starfield back in 2013 but the company did not announce the new title until 2018.

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