Battle Racers’ Season One NFT Sale on Matic Network Starts Today

The limited edition CryptoKitties racer (Battle Racers)

Battle Racers, a new arcade-style racing game in the Decentraland metaverse, is officially launching its season one NFT sale on Matic Network (MATIC) today.

According to the press release shared with us, the sale will feature crates with season one-exclusive car parts and limited edition items and run from 9:00 am (EST) on December 3 to December 20, or until all 7,800 crates have been sold.

“We’re pleased to launch the Season 1 sale of Battle Racers to the blockchain game community,” Altitude Games CEO Gabby Dizon said. “Along with our partners such as Matic Network, Decentraland, CryptoKitties, DappRadar, and My Crypto Heroes, we’re one step closer to bringing blockchain gaming to the mainstream gamer community.”

Battle Racers car brands
Car brands (Battle Racers)

There are four types of crates being sold with varying rarities for 0.03-0.7 Ethereum (ETH) — each contains between one and four random parts belonging to cars that are available exclusively in season one. These items will never be minted again by Battle Racers and will only be available in secondary markets, such as OpenSea. This sale marks the first set of Battle Racers NFTs to be made available since the game’s presale last May.

The season one sale also includes the “Guerilla Cyber,” a newly announced in-game vehicle that strongly resembles the Tesla Cybertruck, and a variety of other rare and epic vehicles that can be randomly obtained in the sale.

The sale includes parts from the limited edition ‘Binance Bug’ (Battle Racers)

Dizon added in a recent tweet that he chose to conduct the sale on Matic Network as it allows the NFTs to be playable by Battle Racers’ users without paying gas costs. This is ultimately part of the team’s effort to lower the barriers to adoption.

A playable version of Battle Racers launched on November 25 and gamers will be able to use the parts they receive in the season one sale and in previous iterations to build their own custom racers.

You can participate in the Season 1 sale through this link.

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