Arcade-Style Blockchain Game Battle Racers Launches Closed Beta

via Battle Racers / Altitude Games

Battle Racers, an arcade-style game where you get to build, race and battle model cars on tracks that are hosted in Decentraland’s (MANA) virtual world, launched its closed multiplayer beta on Wednesday.

The testing period will last for 48 hours, according to the announcement on Twitter.

This news comes a week after Altitude Games, the team behind Battle Racers, announced that it is planning launch the in-game item presale for the game on May 15, allowing players to gain early access to special car parts and other customizations.

Battle Racers features customizable and tokenizable (ERC-721) cars, allowing players to trade or sell their vehicles. Additionally, thanks to tokenization, each car’s win-loss record is immutably stored.

Gamers who signed up for the closed multiplayer beta are instructed to visit the Battle Racers’ discord.

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