Battle Racers and Neon District Team up for a Crossover NFT Sale

The ‘Guerilla Cyber’ with neon underglow (Battle Racers)

Battle Racers, a new arcade-style racing game in the Decentraland metaverse, has teamed up with upcoming cyberpunk RPG Neon District for a unique sale on OpenSea.

According to the announcement, the sale will begin on December 12 at 7:30 AM EST and leverage the “OpenSea Chest,” a new ERC-1155 loot box contract from OpenSea.

Each crate will cost 0.17 ETH (~$25) and contain a variation of the Radiant Blade from Neon District. Owning one of these swords will allow Battle Racers users to activate the neon undercarriage glow for the bodies of the special cars in the season 1 fleet: Binance SafuBolt, Vista Cartel and Guerilla Cyber.

Neon District in Battle Racers
Variations of the Radiant Blade (Neon District)

The Radiant Blade comes in 50 different variations, 10 of each rarity, with the following probabilities:

  • Common: 47.00%
  • Uncommon: 28.00%
  • Rare: 15.35%
  • Ultra Rare: 8.25%
  • Legendary: 1.40%

The sale will run until 10 legendary blades have been discovered.

This news comes right as Battle Racers and CryptoKitties are launching an exclusive crate sale. That sale begins on December 11 at 7:00 PM (EST) and will feature 1,200 CryptoKitties-themed parts, enough to build 300 cars.

You can participate in Battle Racers’ ongoing Season 1 sale, which runs through December 20, and the CryptoKitties crate sale through this link.

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