Bancor (BNT) Launches Its Unified Wallet for Ethereum and EOS


Bancor (BNT), an autonomous liquidity protocol originally developed for ERC-20 tokens, announced Monday that it has launched its Unified Wallet, which allows users to perform non-custodial conversions between Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS) tokens.

According to the announcement, more than 9,700 token pairs can be swapped through the new wallet. Additionally, all users receive a free EOS account with enough RAM, CPU and NET to get started.

“With this release, Bancor is building towards a world where wallets function seamlessly between dApps on different blockchains, just as browsers allow for seamless surfing between websites,” said the Bancor team. “This is the next step in Bancor becoming a blockchain-agnostic network, and abstracting away the blockchain experience in favor of frictionless token conversions and management.”

Bancor notes that it is planning to integrate additional blockchains into the network with BNT actings as the bridge through which non-custodial cross chain conversions can occur. Ultimately, this is designed to improve the utility of the project’s token as the network continues to grow.

BNT is currently down 7.9% on the day to $0.585135, giving the token a $36.7 million market cap.

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