Axie Infinity Plans to Leave Loom Network (LOOM)

via Axie Infinity

Ethereum-based collectibles game Axie Infinity announced on Sunday that it is planning to move off of Loom Network (LOOM).

According to the announcement, Axie Infinity will be shutting down its Loom Network validator and migrating its NFTs currently hosted on the network over the next few months.

The Axie Infinity team cites Loom Network’s new focus on enterprise solutions as the reason behind its decision to find a new scaling solution for its game items.

“The Loom team has recently undergone leadership changes and will be focusing on enterprise solutions rather than user-facing applications,” states the team. “Given this change in course, we believe that it’s best for us to end our relationship with Loom Network.”

Based on the currently available options on the market and previous decisions made by other blockchain games, it seems likely that Axie Infinity will try Matic Network (MATIC) as an alternative for NFT item scaling.

This news comes around a week after the game kicked off the second season of the alpha testing for arena battles, with KNC prizes for participants who finish on the leaderboard.

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