Axie Infinity to Launch Its Own Ethereum (ETH) Sidechain: Ronin

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Sky Mavis, the startup behind the Ethereum-based game Axie Infinity, recently detailed its plan to develop its own Ethereum (ETH) sidechain solution.

According to the announcement, the team’s decision to build the sidechain stems from the network congestion and high transaction fees that have become an issue on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum transaction fee chart
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“In order for Axie Infinity to reach our second, third, and fourth-degree connections (the friends and family of our friends and family) Axie needs a long term solution that makes participating in the Axie game & economy, fast, cheap, and seamless,” writes the Sky Mavis team. “Tha’s why today we’re announcing our work on Ronin ‚ÄĒ an Ethereum-linked sidechain made specifically for Axie Infinity.”

Ronin, as the team is calling it, is designed to provide fast and seamless transactions with near-instant confirmation times, low gas fees that are returned to the community (not miners), simplified onboarding and eventually, an easy-to-use bridge to the Ethereum mainnet.

“We are very excited about the possibilities Ronin brings,” added Sky Mavis CEO Trung. “Though it’s still in an early state, Ronin will continuously evolve over the years to serve the spirit and ethos of blockchain gaming. On the technical side, we are also looking into various solutions to further strengthen and scale Ronin. zKSyncs, for example, is looking promising, but it could take time until it‚Äôs production-ready ‚ÄĒ particularly for NFTs and games.”

Sky Mavis notes in the announcement that it is bringing on a number of high-profile partners to function as network validators — the list that will be revealed closer to the launch of the sidechain.

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