Axie Infinity Teams up With Maker for Its First Official Tournament


Ethereum-based collectibles game Axie Infinity announced this week that it has partnered with Maker (MKR) to host the first official Axie tournament, the Infinity Cup.

According to the announcement, the tournament starts at 9:00 am (EST) on January 17 and will feature 2,100 DAI and 10,000 LUNA, worth around $3,100, in prizes. The event will be live-streamed on the game’s Twitch channel and hosted by Axie Infinity’s COO, Psycheout, and growth lead, Jihoz.

“This is the first step towards bringing a well-capitalized Esports element to Blockchain games,” said the Axie Infinity team. “We’re currently on-boarding streamers, tournament organizers, and sponsors for future events!”

This news comes several weeks after the game’s multi-platform application was released for community alpha testing

You can sign up and download the alpha here and register for the Infinity Cup here.

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