Axie Infinity’s Multi-Platform Alpha Is Off to a Strong Start

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Earlier this week, Ethereum-based collectibles game Axie Infinity released its new multi-platform application for community alpha testing and the initial data suggests it’s off to a strong start.

According to the launch announcement, users can now download the alpha to begin testing out the new game mechanics and interfaces. The Axie Infinity team plans to engage with the community throughout the first half of 2020 to improve on the release.

Map with ruins, mines and other zones to explore (Axie Infinity)

“Over the coming 6 months, we will be assessing user feedback and improving the experience to get it to a point where we feel comfortable targeting mainstream users,” states the Axie Infinity team. “We are currently building a viral referral mechanism, seamless wallet on-boarding, free, non-tokenized Axies for new users and an awesome tournament feature.”

The community alpha features a number of in-game mechanics and elements designed for viral gameplay that can sustain a streaming audience, including real-time PvE and PvP battles that leverage familiar card mechanics.

A PvE card battle (Axie Infinity)

The new PvE Adventure Mode, dubbed Bloodmoon Rising, allows gamers to test their favorite Axies against NPCs called Chimeras, which drop “Love Potions” when defeated. These potions have replaced EXP as the required item for breeding Axies. This model further improves the in-game economics, creating more demand for the game’s NFTs.

Players will have to contend with Chimeras if they want to harvest resources (Axie Infinity)

The team notes that it plans to integrate this new PvE mode into the game’s land system in the future.

In order to participate in the alpha, users must have at least 3 Axie’s in their wallet. This requirement has resulted in back-to-back days of record Axie sales since the alpha’s release on December 19, with yesterday’s total at more than 270.

Based on the current community response, Axie Infinity has hit this release out of the park, with many gamers setting up live streams of their adventures. The team notes that it will be rolling out more features in the coming weeks, with the final December surprise announced earlier today (it’s a breeding event).

Other plans include the addition of PvP rewards once users have enough time to familiarize themselves with the new mechanics.

You can sign up and download the community alpha here.

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