Blockchain Game Axie Infinity Hosts Over 30k Battles in the First Three Weeks


Axie Infinity, a new blockchain-based collectibles game that features PvP battles, has seen significant user adoption in the first few weeks since it went live on the Ethereum mainnet.

Axie Infinity

Similar to CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity is a collectibles game that allows users to breed, earn and trade units that are represented on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. These units, called Axies, feature different strengths and weaknesses based on four major stats: including HP, speed, skill and morale.

Axie Infinity stands apart with a battle system that allows users to pit their Axies against each other to earn tokenized trophies and ETH rewards. Additionally, the game has a P2P marketplace that drives its internal economy. This means that users can earn real money by breeding, leveling-up and selling Axies.

So far, there have been over 30,000 battles, with more than 929 ETH worth of P2P sales made on the game’s marketplace. One Axie even sold for 50 ETH, which equals roughly $10,000.

Battles in Axie Infinity are all hosted off-chain, so decentralized application monitors like, DappRadar, will not represent the daily active users on the platform. This system allows players to battle without the need for paying transaction fees, while all units and items are represented on the Ethereum blockchain.

Axie Infinity also recently revealed that it has joined the Loom Network (LOOM) Plasma Chain private beta, which will allow the game to scale beyond the current limitations of the Ethereum mainnet.

Axie Infinity stands as one of the more popular blockchain games to date, which is an impressive feat since it launched on October 7.

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