Axie Infinity and Kyber Network (KNC) Collaborate on an Exclusive NFT Quest

via Axie Infinity

Ethereum-based collectibles game Axie Infinity announced last week that it has teamed up with Kyber Network (KNC) to host an exclusive NFT quest.

To participate in the quest, players must hold at least 50 KNC in their Ethereum (ETH) wallet when the event concludes at 11:00 pm (EST) on March 22. The reward is a Kyber Ancient Stone, an in-game item that reduces resource harvesting time by 2% on land plots it’s placed on.

This item ultimately provides a boost in value to user-owned land within the Axie Infinity world. This will have long-lasting benefits as players will be able to monetize their land by charging other players to conduct quests and mine resources.

This collaboration with Kyber Network coincides with the Axie Infinity team’s vision of DeFi driving the play-to-earn blockchain gaming ecosystem, as Kyber has been a prominent player in exploring liquidity in DeFi.

“We strongly believe that [DeFi] and gaming create benefits for users not possible in the legacy financial and gaming systems,” stated the Axie Infinity team. “In addition, gaming can be a vital on-boarding portal for users into the rest of the crypto economy. We invite our community to research concepts like decentralized liquidity and decentralized exchanges now that we’ve introduced them to our friends at Kyber.”

You can now register for the quest here.

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