Australian Police Raid Home After Mistaking Crypto Mining Rig for Weed Grow-Op


One Australian crypto miner has suffered more than most this bear market after the police force broke into his home in Adelaide on Monday after mistaking his GPU mining rig for a marijuana growing operation.

Homeowner Rob Butvila published a video on YouTube showing the damage to his property, including a kicked-in door, which was done without any warrant.

“SAPOL used brutal and destructive force, kicking in doors without a magistrate issued warrant to find cryptocurrency mining computers where they expected to find a marijuana grow room,” said Butvila. “These cops messed up. The law has gone too far in Australia, something has to change when a computer warrants a violation of [one’s] privacy and a destruction of property.”

Butvila told The Advertiser his house had piqued police suspicion because of his solar panels, security cameras and window-mounted ventilation fan for cooling the mining rig.

According to, a police spokesperson said, “For operational reasons, police do not give prior notice of the intention to execute search warrants. Police always try to minimize any damage caused during operations.”

Despite leaving contact information at his address, Butvila claims the police force has refused to respond to requests for compensation for the damages and have even hung up on him after numerous calls.

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Video: SA Police mistake Cryptocurrency mining rig as marijuana grow room

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