Atonomi Launches Network Beta Aimed at Bringing Trust in Identity to the Internet of Things


Atonomi, a security protocol for the Internet of Things, has announced the official beta launch of its Atonomi Network. This new project is aimed to root the identity and reputation of devices on the blockchain, enabling trusted interoperability between billions of connected devices. The beta will incorporate an SDK which is available on GitHub, enabling developers to embed Atonomi Network security protocol into IoT devices. The page has a QuickStart Guide to help the developers and smart contracts which ties Atonomi Network to the Ethereum blockchain.

Atonomi rightfully claims to be the first blockchain-enabled security protocol to provide device registration, activation, validation, and reputation to secure the rapidly growing Internet of Things.

They have created the ‘AtonomiIdentity Registry Network’ which is designed to provide device identity and reputation services to enable secure IoT interoperability. According to Atonomi’s CEO Vaughan Emery, the project wants to leverage blockchain technology to enable IoT solutions to build upon the Network and rely on device identity and reputation for secure IoT transactions.

“The billions of IoT devices that have already been deployed represent a vast attack surface for hackers and other bad actors to target. Future projections show ever greater numbers of these devices, tightly woven into the infrastructure of our daily lives. We believe Atonomi’s root-of-trust device identity and reputation tracking are essential to securing device interoperability required for the world to enjoy the full potential of the IoT.”

Vaughan founded CENTRI in 2010 with a vision to deliver technology that helps to secure enterprise data and to improve network efficiencies.

The Atonomi Network should benefit commercial IoT by enabling manufacturers to securely deploy sensors, controllers, and other IoT essentials. Its ultimate goal is to promote the growth of smart cities by enabling municipalities to securely interconnect IoT devices such as smart street lights and traffic sensors.

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