Aragon Releases New Developer Portal For Building DApps and DAOs


Aragon (ANT), a project facilitating the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using blockchain technology, announced the launch of a new developer portal today, providing developers with a new command line tool and improved documentation for building decentralized Aragon apps (DApps).

In the announcement, the Aragon team highlights the three major development tools and associated documentation released with the latest update:

  • aragonOS: the smart contract framework that provides upgradeability and governance solutions out-of-the-box.
  • Aragon UI: for building out the frontend user interface and experience.
  • aragon.js: in the middle connecting the two together. A Javascript library to interact with aragonOS by handling transaction pathing, upgradeability and the state of the contracts.

With these tools, developers can now create fully functioning decentralized applications or entire platforms to run decentralized organizations (DAOs). It’s important to note that when building on the Aragon platform, developers are not required to utilize the Aragon UI tool, but by doing so, it helps assimilate third party apps into the Aragon client.

This news comes just days after the official unveiling of Aragon One, the first semi-decentralized company contributing to Aragon’s development. Aragon One will function as a for-profit counterpart to Aragon and will be headed up by Luis Cuende, the former project lead for Aragon.

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