Battle Royale Sensation Apex Legends Features Blockchain Reference

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Apex Legends has become one of the world’s most popular games after the free-to-play battle royale saw more than 25 million downloads in its first week.

In an interesting twist that might intrigue crypto enthusiasts, one of the game’s playable characters, Lifeline, has an outfit called “Blockchain Reaction.” The skin is in the “Epic” category, meaning it costs 400 Crafting Metals to unlock. These Metals can be earned through gameplay or purchased if you’re into that.

The skin itself is a pretty unexciting purple and it’s not readily apparent how this color scheme ties into the name, which is, obviously, a play on ‘chain reaction.’ While other skins have internet and technology-based names — stuff like “Neural Net” and “Hack the System” — this appears to be the only crypto reference in the game thus far.

Lifeline’s Blockchain Reaction skin (Pro Games Guides)

As we previously reported, multiple esports organizations have already started recruiting and announcing rosters as Apex Legends continues to gain popularity. Groups like 100 Thieves, Obey Alliance and North have all announced teams in recent weeks.

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