Amazon Is Reportedly Working on Its Own Video Game Streaming Service

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Retail giant Amazon (AMZN) is reportedly planning on launching its own video game streaming service, adding to its growing portfolio of gaming offerings that already includes the popular social streaming platform Twitch.

According to a recent report by The Information, individuals familiar with the matter have revealed that Amazon is currently in talks with publishers about distributing games on the new platform. The report indicates the platform would launch next year at the earliest.

While Amazon has not yet confirmed the report publicly, the new platform will likely be in direct competition with Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Project Stream, both of which are currently in development.

Amazon Game Studios is also currently developing its first major title, New World, an ambitious MMORPG set in a savage 17th-century world. The company has steadily sent out waves of invitations to its ongoing alpha release.

News of the new streaming service comes as the PC digital content distribution battle is beginning to heat up. While Valve’s Steam has long reigned supreme, new competitors including Discord and Epic Games have already shaken up the market.

Earlier this week, the Epic Games Store scored its biggest win to date, landing Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. According to the announcement, the PC version of the open-world online shooter is now available for pre-order on the Epic Games Store.

The choice between game streaming services and more traditional content distribution platforms will likely come down to an individual’s current hardware setup, meaning that there could be room for both offerings to coexist in the near future, especially as the market for video games continues to grow.

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Photo: Marco Verch / Flickr

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