Amazon Brings Blockchain SaaS to AWS With Kaleido Partnership


Amazon is making another move into the blockchain through a new partnership with startup company Kaleido. In the announcement, Amazon shares its¬†plans to work with Kaledio to simplify the process for AWS cloud computing clients to adopt the blockchain by building what the company is calling an¬†“easy button.”

Kaleido, which is a functioning out of a prominent¬†blockchain incubator known as ConsenSys, represents the first “dual mode” use of Ethereum, enabling private, permissioned Ethereum-based systems to link with the public, permissionless Ethereum chain. This essentially allows businesses to build secure blockchain solutions on a private network, while also being able to tap into and leverage Ethereum’s public chain.

Amazon currently has a working partnership with ConsenSys, which is a member of AWS Partner Network (APN) that enables the launch and operation of enterprise blockchain networks on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The addition of Kaleido brings AWS’s first blockchain software as a service (B-SaaS) offering to the marketplace.

Through this new partnership, Amazon Web Services ultimately aims to reduce the technical burden on companies looking to augment business operations with the blockchain, as highlighted in the announcement.

“Introducing Kaleido to AWS customers is going to help customers move faster and not worry about managing blockchain themselves. It is the first Blockchain SaaS solution available on the AWS Marketplace and will help them rapidly advance their blockchain projects.”

Kaleido is now available in AWS regions across the world.

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