Blockchain Gaming Startup Rebrands to Outplay Games


Blockchain game tool development firm has officially rebranded to Outplay Games as the company pivots its focus away from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to competitive gaming.

According to the recent announcement, Outplay Games plans to offer an SDK and API that developers can use to host crypto-enabled game tournaments. The software is being developed for the Ethereum (ETH) network, but Outplay has plans to expand it more broadly.

While Outplay Games is still bullish on the future of NFT-driven gaming, the company’s CEO, Chase Freo, wanted to take things in a new direction in 2020.

“Last year we have dabbled into building tools that focuses mostly on NFTs and interoperable game assets on the blockchain,” stated Freo in the announcement. “While we believe that this is going to challenge the status quo of how games are made in the future, this year we want to take a different approach to games and how we can help in crypto’s use cases and adoption via game tournaments and crypto payouts. This led us to pivot to Outplay Games to better serve an existing segment of the gaming market, the competitive casual and hyper-casual genre.”

To kickstart its launch, Outplay Games is offering a closed beta of an HTML5 version of the game World of Mines in partnership with Cogoo, the game’s original creator. Outplay Games plans to bring competitive tournaments to the new World of Mines version in the near future.

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