A New Rivalry is Born? Tigers and Yankees Clear Benches Three Times in Slugfest


Last night the Tigers and Yankees emptied the dugouts three times in nine innings, seemingly retaliating as many times as possible during their last contest this year. The Tigers ended up winning the game 10-6, but the focus wasn’t on the scoreboard.

The situation had been brewing since July 31, when the Yankees’ pitcher hit Mikie Mahtook in the head with a 98-mph fastball


Last night, things boiled over. Detroit’s best player, Miguel Cabrera, and Yankee catcher, Austin Romine, got into each others faces while the umpire was warning the benches and all hell broke loose. Notably, this was right after the home plate umpire had just ejected the pitcher for intentionally throwing behind Cabrera.

From there, the benches cleared every other inning until the end of the game, as the two teams milked their last opportunity to get the final say in 2017 (read full transcript at MLive.com).

Our Take

The Tigers are bad, like fifteen games back-bad,  despite having a lot of players who are used to winning. It’s been an especially hard season for Cabrera, who’s batting under .300 and being forced to pay bribes to protect his family in Venezuela

Basically, the Tigers were already pissed off about a number of things, and the Yankees poked them one too many times this season.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are fairly good. The team has exciting young talent to go along with its overpaid veterans for the first time in a  while. I’m sure this random series with the Tigers didn’t mean that much to them besides some ‘easy’ wins. Last night’s events shattered that illusion, and now reports are surfacing about Gary Sanchez throwing mad cheap-shots in the pile during the brawl, and the Tigers’ players aren’t pleased.

Tigers – Yankees 2018, anyone?

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