Blind Survey: 31% of Tech Workers Delete Facebook Accounts Following Data Scandal


The recent Facebook data scandal, where 50 million users potentially had their private data passed along to Cambridge Analytica and used for political profiling, has caused irreparable damage to the Facebook brand and user trust is rapidly dropping.

In a recent survey by Blind, an app designed to let tech employees deliver anonymous feedback to their employers, 31 percent of technology sector workers indicated their intention to delete their Facebook accounts as a direct result of the data scandal.

Among tech companies with employees who responded to Blind’s questionnaire, 50 percent of Microsoft employees said they will delete Facebook; 46 percent of Snap employees, 40 percent of Uber, 38 percent of Google and 34 percent of Amazon employees.

A similar poll by Reuters found that over half of Americans don’t trust Facebook to “obey laws that protect your personal information.” The distrust rate for Facebook was higher than other tech companies, including Yahoo! (37%), Amazon (24%), Google (29 percent), Microsoft (28%) and Apple (31%).

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