3 Platforms Where US Investors Can Trade Dogecoin (DOGE) With Zero Fees

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Zero-fee trading is taking traditional equity markets by storm, as major brokerage firms adopt the model to stay competitive. While this is quickly becoming the standard for stock trading, most crypto exchanges rely on fees, and brokerage firms are still few and far between.

Given that American investors are blocked from using many of the top global crypto exchanges, it’s especially difficult to find a platform appropriate for one’s trading volume.

Here are 3 trading platforms available to US investors that offer zero-fee trading:

Binance US: A recent byproduct of the regulatory environment, Binance.US is designed specifically for American investors. The exchange has similar features to the main Binance platform and new altcoins are being listed on a regular basis. New users get 30-days of fee-free trading when they sign up for the exchange as well as a $15 bonus for completing Fiat Verification.

Robinhood: The OG of zero-fee trading, Robinhood offers a sleek interface that allows users to trade crypto side-by-side with stocks and options. The platform offers 17 cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin, however, users can’t currently withdraw their holdings. Robinhood does plan to add the feature in the future, though.

Voyager: This rapidly growing brokerage app has a leadership team from eTrade and Uber and offers commission-free trading for over 30 digital assets including DOGE. New users can also earn $25 in BTC by signing up for the app through this link and trading $100. (or use code: SLUDGE25)

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Image: Jim Makos / Flickr

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.

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  1. Did you guys see the that Dogecoin is at an all time high? I guess Mark Cuban had a lot to say about it on the CNBC. Do you guys think it will ever be worth as much as Bitcoin? Would you guys recommend buying Dogecoin? It seems like a good investment.

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